Campfires are permitted at welsummer! There is nothing like sitting around a fire in the evening to keep those toes warm and the conversation hearty. Each pitch comes with an allocated spot usually marked out with a brick circle in which you can build a traditional campfire. Plan a grilled feast to cook all that local produce you have sourced or ask us for willow sticks for the all important marshmallow roast. We sell the necessary equipment onsite such as grills, skewers and hot plates, as well as firewood, kindling, matches and firefighters. Sensible fire building is encouraged and we do ask you not to build fires outside of the allocated spaces. Please keep fires small! Let them go out completely before leaving them unattended and be aware of high wind and sparks near the tents. You can bring your own logs but please no waste building materials such as wood off cuts that are treated, painted, have nails, or are more than about a foot long.










It doesn’t matter what season we are in, if we are camping, we are having at least one campfire. Campfires are a staple for camping trips: roasting marshmallows, telling campfire stories, sharing laughs and creating memories are all things that a campfire brings to your camping trip; along with the warmth of the fire on a cool night, of course! Although campfires are mostly regarded for their ability to create a bond between you and those who sit around it with you, campfires can also be very dangerous if they are not handled with the proper safety precautions. Follow these tips to ensure that your favorite camping tradition is both fun and safe!

  • Use only the designated rings or pits to build your fire. 

  • Clear the area of any dry leaves and sticks and make sure that cars, tents and other items are placed at a considerable distance from the fire.

  • Stack extra wood upwind and away from the fire.

  • Start building your fire with small sticks and twigs and gradually work your way up to the larger pieces of wood. When placing the large pieces of wood on the fire, point them inwards and use another piece of wood to shift them to their desired spot.

  • NEVER USE FLAMMABLE LIQUID TO IGNITE YOUR FIRE! Please do not use gasoline, lighter fluid, diesel fuel and other dangerous liquids to prevent serious accidents and injuries. fire lighters can be bought on site.

  • Keep your campfire small and contained. 

  • Never allow children and pets to play or stand too close to the fire and NEVER leave the fire unattended.

  •  teach children to stop, drop, and roll, if their clothing ever catches fire.

  • When extinguishing the fire, make sure to drown the fire completely with water. Many people forget that coals that are not cooled or extinguished can remain hot and capable of inflicting burns for 24 hours. To ensure that they are out, do not bury them, which can keep them hot, instead, pour water and stir the ashes and embers until it is clear that they have all been cooled.