Camping at Welsummer means having your own space where you can make yourself at home, light the campfire and comfortably spread out. In the meadows chat to neighbours or passers by. In the woods nestle just in among the trees or pitch at the back and see no one all weekend.

All our pitches come with a fire pit or fire bowl, you can choose between three types of pitches: small meadow (small tent), small woodland (small tent), or large meadow (large tent).


As a basic rule we say if you can stand up comfortably in your tent or have more than one bedroom then you will need a large pitch.

If you are not sure please ask about available pitches before you book.



The little and middle meadows could be your destination for this years camp. For those that have vistited us before the big top meadow is not open in 2020. The campsite will be more intimate and we will be working especially hard to make these areas even more special.


Space for a comfortable three families is set out in our little meadow, closest to the facilities, herb garden and a new covered outdoor kitchen. Dive under the shelter when weather is wet, or gather here for your late night campfire as the kids settle off to sleep.

There's plenty of space to spread out the picnic blanket and relax in the sunshine while the kids run off to the woods.


Just over the hedge, 6 beautiful bell tents line the middle meadow, with space in the middle for gazebos and games.


In the woods, 5 individual pitches varying in size and in harmony with the surrounding forest. Take full advantage of the thriving ecosystem here and breathe in nature fully. Each with firebowl.