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Joanne has submitted this brilliant review about Welsummer. She writes a fab blog called Mum in Search of Balance and can also be found on twitter @mumbalance.


The art of camping

embracing the simple, cheap pleasure of sleeping under the stars. The culture wants an alternative to screen-based lives of work and play, and camping is one option. But not camping as it used to be.

The Guardian : Small Wonders

Fed up of sprawling sites that are so big you can't find your tent? Dixe Wills, author of Tiny Campsites, seeks out the more picturesque places to pitch

The Telegraph: Britain's best remote campsites

Not far from the capital, you can find your own spot in the woodland area of this site. It feels less like a “normal” campsite, with the perk of seasonal, organic, free range and locally sourced produce sold in the handy shop.

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