Ch.. ch.. ch.. Changes...

For every single year since our project began I cannot count the changes we have made at Welsummer. It has become kind of a tradition. Every year our wonderful returning guests (to whom we are eternally grateful) would arrive and find the the loos had been reversed or we built an extension to Wendy's, or we changed the layout, again. It has been fun showing people what we've been doing over the winters, surprising them with new treats and listening to suggestions and talking about future changes.

2020 brings its own changes. I am turning 50, and an Aquarius to boot, therefore not only am I getting older but I thrive on innovation and new ideas.

So bring it on!

As we head into a period of potential isolation from Europe, and the Planet demands a reduction in plane travel, we want to offer our guests a place to retreat to without making a huge expensive trip abroad and without making a huge impact on the environment, both globally and locally.

We are planning some exciting builds and other treats to make your experience at Welsummer ever the more memorable.

The biggest change is our loss of the big field. Although we know you have enjoyed it in the past, it is time to leave it to regenerate and return it to agriculture. And we remember the days when the campsite was smaller and more intimate, that's more attractive to us now and we hope it will be for you too.

This does mean that parking areawill be moved. We will try to find ways to reduce the number of cars coming to the site, another bonus for the planet, and it would be great if we could get more of you here by public transport.

There will, as usual, be some changes to the layout. We have moved over to the nut orchard (traditionally called a 'Platt') and the secret garden with the little pond, which is where you might find the Mother of all our tents, 'The Big Lodge' this summer.

We've some other goodies up our sleeves that may take a little time, think cosy cabins, tree-houses and bath-houses? But we hope to have some new things to show you when you come visit this year! May the weather be kind to us, and may the days soon become longer again so that we can work hard to provide the changes and create the perfect 'home away' holiday getaway.

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