2020 - A different picture

Dear Friends,

We know it's hard. Many of you are feeling that being isolated in your homes is painful. Please be assured that we feel for you, we understand. We too are wishing you were here. It's not even time for opening for our season yet but as the time approaches, spring threatens beauty and bounty. We can promise you that we will spend our days making the place more beautiful and more amazing than we ever have and look forward so much to sharing our work with you. See below for some of the things that we have been doing and are planning.

For those of you that have already booked, if you would like to wait and see if by some miracle things settle sooner rather than later it may be that we are able to offer a reduced service to individual family groups with access to private bathroom at some point. If you would be able to choose alternative dates later this year or next we would be more than happy to postpone your stay, and this at any time when you are ready.

When the time comes, we will be staying open well past our end of season and on into autumn celebrating Halloween and bonfire night for once, and with our new Cabins and Winter accommodation we should be able to welcome you all to Welsummer at some point.

We send you and your family our very best wishes, hugs and healing vibes.

Styling for the caravan, i'm gonna have to make do and mend with what I've got to hand!

The covered porch at 'The Hive' coming soon under The Oak Tree!

Although we were planning to take this baby to France, for now I'll be converting it on site and maybe she will just want to stay through next winter!

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