The TRAILER in the woods

Our latest folly. 

A few years ago we madly purchased an enormous hay bale trailer. We had recently coppiced a section of woodland and the trailer just sort of landed in a quiet little spot amongst the stumps, as the Chestnut forest grew once again the trailer became rooted here, begging to be brought to life.

So here it finally is. A stunning handcrafted tiny house in the middle of our beautiful quiet woods. If you sit long enough the birds and squirrels will sit with you, forgetting you are there. Tuck inside on a gloomy day, get the woodburner toasty and prepare to dissolve into the restorative surroundings, seen from the 360 degree views inside.

The handmade double bed invites you to sleep here for as long as it takes with its chestnut frame mirroring the woodlands around you. A single pull out bed is available on request so that you can initiate your precious little one, fully, to life amongst these natural surroundings.

The covered porch offers a beautiful spot to sit, and just watch, come rain or shine.

Currently awaiting stylish and quirky interior touches, outdoor furnishing, firepit and more photos coming soon!