The Welsummer Camping Store

Quality Tried and Tested Bell Tents

Whether you're planning a camping trip to Welsummer, or an adventure to wilder destinations here is our very special very own Welsummer Camping Store tent.

From high quality Bell Tents to foodie essentials like The Perfect Campfire Grill go right ahead and get in touch to order.

All of our items have been tested on our campsite for excellent quality and practicality, so trust us, you will love your new gear.


If you're camping at Welsummer, or if its easier for you, you can pick in our store in Kent! 


You will also find a selection of spare pegs, guys and fixing stuff for sale in our shop on site if your favourite ole tent should come a cropper!

Visit Our camping store's very own website here for information or give us a call on 07850464338


Feel free to order on either website.


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